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Venflon and cannula

Discussion in 'General Midwifery Discussions' started by Midwifemissy, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Midwifemissy

    Midwifemissy Guest

    Is there a difference between the two, if so what is the difference?

    I can't seem to find out no matter which book I look in :no:
  2. Cb

    Cb Guest

    Hi Pauline

    I am pretty sure that venflon is the manufacturer of a certain cannula.

    Hope that is helpful. How are you?? See you passed your exam, I knew you would!!


  3. LittleMissT

    LittleMissT Guest

    Yes, you're right coffeebean. Venflon is the name of a manufacturer. You cannulate somebody so a venflon is just a cannula!
  4. ollybolly

    ollybolly General Staff (Manager)

    Nov 5, 2007
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    Not Specified
    for venflon read cannula and visa versa...
    take the venflon out
    take the cannula out
    same thing!
  5. _Josie

    _Josie Guest

    Yup Missy they are the same and you will find this in your training ..... alot of drugs aswell as equipment have two names!
  6. Dory

    Dory fat bottomed girl

    Nov 5, 2007
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    'tis like the way that most people call their vacuum cleaner a hoover, even if it was made by dyson or whoever. I never heard anyone say "hey love, I'm just gonna dyson the lounge" (not in my house anyway!)

    It's like the word catheter - this literally just means a tube, so don't go getting mixed up between your urinary catheter and your epidural catheter.....
  7. Midwifemissy

    Midwifemissy Guest

    Thanks everyone,

    Why do they have to make it so confusing lol?

    It is like all the terms and names we have to learn that are at least 10 letters long and in double greek :yes:
  8. Jen

    Jen Guest

    Lol Dory, having a urinary catheter in you're back doesn't sound very appealing to me ;)
  9. Neo

    Neo New Member

    Oct 13, 2010
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    Not Specified
    FYI, a "cannula" is the correct term for a peripheral venous access device.
    Venflon is not a manufacturer, Venflon is a brand name. They are actually manufactured by the company BD.
    It is important to differentiate as you need to accurately document what is inserted or in situ in the patient.
    Lots of brand names are used (eg, BM, Ambu, IVAC.... you get the gist!)
    So if where you work the brand of choice is not the BD Venflon brand there is a HUGE difference between Venflon & cannula. Sometimes ignorance is bliss . . . . . but if you write this on down wrong you could be in loadsa trouble!!:yes:
  10. uggboot

    uggboot Guest

    ...and in Oz we call them... "gelco's".....! ( also the brandname )

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