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New Site Announcement- Caring Professions.

Discussion in 'SMNET Announcements' started by Sally80, Jan 17, 2017.

  • by Sally80, Jan 17, 2017 at 14:47
  • Sally80

    Sally80 Well-Known Member

    Sep 28, 2016
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    Hi Everyone.

    We have been very busy here at SMNET launching our new Page "Caring Professions" .Here is a quick brief for you on the new site which will go live end of February

    We are Launching a New Gold members package -details will shared soon and early bird offers !

    Caring Professions was born in 2016 after StudentMidwife.NET and StudentNurse.Net were taken over by Fiona Atkinson as new CEO.
    Although a brand new site we still firmly believe in the ethos and purpose established for both of the historical sites which were born nearly ten years ago.

    Our aims are simple - to offer a plethora of support in as many subject areas as possible to those who want to work or train in the care sector in a professional capacity.

    Our Vision is Clear; 'To be recognized globally as the best place to learn, succeed and grow in the caring professions sector’

    We are supported by volunteer staff, who are all fantastic, friendly, caring, kind and clever people whose passion for caring professional services are second to none.
    For those who are students, Caring Professions offers:

    •Information to help members decide which sector is right for them.
    •Help and support during application and training courses, both face to face and online.
    •Guidance and advice through the University application process, personal statements and preparing for interview. This includes professional consultancy services, study and training days via the education services we offer across all areas of the site.
    •Confidence building, a shoulder to lean on and motivation should members be unsuccessful during the application process. we offer encouragement, support, advice and renewed direction should members want to re-apply.

    For those who are accepted onto the course, or are already studying, we offer:
    •Educational resources containing videos, links, articles and much more to support our students’ learning; with only one click members can search the top 20 most relevant websites on the net in their chosen sector.
    •Support and guidance on all matters concerning professional conduct. We support and advocate the regulating bodies Code of Conduct and guidelines and advocate that all members conduct themselves both on and offline in line with the Guidance on Professional Conduct.

    •Live online learning and revision via our monthly Quizzes, where members can win a range of prizes.
    •We strive to put members in touch with a student who is at least part way through year one of their chosen course of study.
    •Support and guidance throughout the course on Assignments, Clinical Placements, Portfolio/Skills Document/ Assessments/Exams etc.
    •Help, advice and support is available once members qualify to help with consolidation, interviews and finding a job.

    For those who are Qualified Caring Professions offers:
    •Opportunities to become involved, to inspire, to teach, to give back some knowledge and help in the support of students. This can be very useful for CPD purposes too.
    •Ability to conduct online research (we can facilitate many methods of information gathering).
    •A hugely receptive audience for authors who wish to write articles and deliver research across the care sector.

    •For everybody, Caring Professions offers:
    •A growing educational resources section with videos, articles, links and an extensive glossary that interlinks abbreviations and obscure terms to definitions throughout the site. This resource assists students and wannabe students to understand discussions as the topic author may use professional jargon they are not yet familiar with …. a definition for words and abbreviations they don't understand is as simple as clicking the word.

    •Regular competitions to win free places at conferences, study days, exhibitions and other events – lots of CPD events too qualified teams. If you have an idea for a competition, contact us.
    •Managing Emotions - a special area for members to come and gain support with the highs and the lows of professional practice.
    •An opportunity for personal development and to become involved in the operation and direction of the site. Many staff run projects, liaise with organizations and join in on training days and are encouraged and supported to give talks to prospective and current students.
    •Training and lifestyle support to individuals.

    The New Branding and Logo's !!

    Things will be changing on here and may look different for a while but we aim to get the new site up and running smoothly as quickly as possible.The New site looks wonderful and exciting times ahead for SMNET/Caring Professions future.

    Please Like our Facebook page @CaringProfessions .

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Discussion in 'SMNET Announcements' started by Sally80, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. MrsOrton
    This sounds very exciting, very much look forward to seeing what is ahead :)
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  2. Sally80
    Thanks @MrsOrton It is very exciting and we can't wait to share with everyone.
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  3. LulaBop
    Sorry if I'm asking something covered previously, I've not been on for a while as mid dissertation hell, so may well have missed posts. Are you basically saying that this forum will no longer exist and will be replaced by one offering the same services, but to a wider audience - called Caring Professions? So no longer midwifery specific?
  4. subtlerevulsion
    This is the first announcement of it so you haven't missed anything, but yes you're correct
  5. MrsOrton
    I am assuming that Lula. Initially my response was one of horror! Like you I was a moderator for a long time and feel very emotionally connected to the site. However do you know what? It really needs to be changed to breathe life back into it, there really is nothing to keep regular members interest anymore, especially those of us who have qualified. I do think something has to change, and the more I thought about it, the more I like the sound of the new site.
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  6. windy2525
    I'm looking forward to it! I'm about to start my Adult Nurse training in March so I'm a member of SNNET as well as here. I stay here because people seem to engage much more on this site, keep posting etc where as SNNET seems to keep staggering along; don't know why as there must be as many students and wannabes!

    I've learnt so much from the info that is here, some generic, other bits I've obviously had to tweak but if the new site will have lots of the good stuff that is here to help student nurses, and future physios, podiatrists and others then that will be ideal!

    Will keep watching!
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  7. windy2525
    Just thought, I've only seen this announcement on here. Are you putting it on SNNET, there are one or two regular bods I know of on there who'd be interested in finding out about it!
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  8. subtlerevulsion
    Apparently the announcement will also be going on SNNET, the current moderators have nothing to do with the new site so we don't know much more than you do about it all.
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  9. Indigoildi

    I have just recently discovered the page/site and I beleive I have discovered much needed support and help here, aswell as very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which is really helping when in doubt or confronting a challenge.

    I'm someone who wanted to be a midwife since I was 11:love:. Call me crazy but I knew it already than!
    Even though I was the first on the list of applicants for the course which was not really popular in the school, that year (age 15), I ended up pushed bellow the list of student who were admited and got only with option of a Dental Technician course... As I did not want any other vocational or general school beside Medical High School (in small country called Serbia), I have accepted to take a 4 years Diploma program and completed it with high marks, and it was followed by successfull admission at program of a Bachelor degree in Biology which I droped out at 3rd (out of 4)year as I could not handle it fiancialy anymore.

    Working at variouse different jobs, I knew deep down I am not in peace with myself no matter how good the money was..... , but never was sure how to go through realisation of the plan as life circumstances were throwing me from one part of the world to another , and pretty much the same with jobs I've been doing, and mostly it was in hospitality and tourism where I used my friendly attitude and deeply rooted need to help people when in need.

    Time was passing and I had few attempts of going back to school (Adult nursing), but without much of the success, untill recently when I have deceided 2 years ago to drop my anchor from ocean cruiships:fish: and to "land" to UK, where I live with my fiancee. Since I am not someone who can sit still at home and pretty much used to a regular income even though we did not struggle fiancially, I enrolled myself into a NEBDN Dental nursing program(Level 3 Diploma) and if all goes well on this Friday 28th, I will be a RDN by March.
    Thought of and looked up so many different options, especially for Dental Hygiene program, BUT!:wink: There is always a BUT, even though I find the job interesting and I have a strong background from Uni days and DT, but I wanted more..... and been searching more....And - EUREKA(I got it)!!:clap:
    And this is the part where I need all your possible help and suggestions - I have read an article, about a program for Nurses/Midwifes being launched this year in September through apprenticeship!
    What I understood , there will be options for 16-18 junior apprentices, same as for 19-24, and as well 24+ !! Now this "24+" seemed very comforting, as I am 38 and another "catch" is that I am EU citizen.
    Does anyone know anything about this bit more into details to explain to someone who ahs just discovered this?
    I am so determined to go for midwifery, even if that means I take the loan which I will be entitled for in 2018., but I would like to know more on how to prepare myself in order to start , as I am sending my translated qualifications to NARIC for evaluation at the end of this month, and is it wierd that I want to jump from dental nursing to midwifery?!?!:#.... Atleast I don't see it wierd...

    All the suggestions, much needed help, reccomendations....are more than welcome from everyone:yes:

    Kind regards


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