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Manchester Date Confirmation and Special Offer.

Discussion in 'SMNET Announcements' started by Sally80, Oct 25, 2016.

  • by Sally80, Oct 25, 2016 at 12:59
  • Sally80

    Sally80 Well-Known Member

    Sep 28, 2016
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    Hi All.

    Just to confirm we now have details for our MANCHESTER Training day on November 16th .I have posted details below and we Offering this training day for a Fantastic SMNET Offer of £50 each ..Limited places only so please book early.Any questions please inbox me.

    Aspiring Midwife Taster Days
    - Become a Midwife! - A training day for aspiring midwives from SMNET!

    Wednesday 16th November 10-4pm
    Banyan, Manchester
    Exchange Square
    M4 3TR


    If you are often thinking, or even screaming "I want to be a midwife", then you are far from alone. Midwifery as a profession has tens of thousands of applicants each year, but precious few student places are available - competition is certainly fierce... but you can prepare yourself!!

    SMNET brings you a truly awesome Midwifery Taster Day that is available across the UK - to help you to get ahead of the competition. Are you an aspiring midwife? ... if so then read on for more details.

    What will I learn on the training day?
    The 'Become a Midwife' day for aspiring midwives is a fun day that is interactive. It allows you to explore what its like to be a midwife and to see the realities of life as a student midwife whilst understanding the midwife's role.

    The day is designed to help you:

    • have a broad understanding of the various roles midwives undertake, and different ways midwives work
    • identify the implications of pursuing a midwifery career for your life
    • express why you want to be a midwife
    • assess your options for working with pregnant women and their families and become clearer about your path to midwifery
    [​IMG]We'll be discussing the university application process, the things universities look for, and different ways of achieving these.

    We hope the day will be inspiring and informative and will give you insights into the world of midwifery, as well as useful information and ideas to help with your application process should you decide that – "YES!! I Want to Become a Midwife!"

    Breastfeeding mothers are welcome to bring baby along!

    Here are comments from others....
    This feedback is from those who have attended events run in conjunction with SMNET in previous years:

    "Fantastic chance to network and share ideas."
    "Great tips on application process"
    "Insider knowledge"
    "It was a really lovely day and great to meet people in the same situation as me"
    "Really enjoyed it and very informative"
    "Thank you - very informative and all the people (staff especially) were extremely kind and fabulous communicators -an inspiration!"
    "Lots of opportunities to ask questions"
    "Very experienced lecturers"
    "Thank you for this amazing opportunity, it was fantastic meeting so many people in the same situation as me"

    BOOKING Link

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Discussion in 'SMNET Announcements' started by Sally80, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. Sally80
    Awaiting New Booking Link which should be Live tomorrow am.......
  2. Heretomaternity
    @Sally80 Hi would be interested in attending , how do I book
    Sally80 likes this.
  3. Sally80

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