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FREE! Nutrition in Public Health Study day 24th October 2012

Discussion in 'SMNET Announcements' started by _Josie, Oct 4, 2012.

  • by _Josie, Oct 4, 2012 at 10:16
  • _Josie

    _Josie Guest

    The great folks at JFHC are inviting SMNET'ers to their Nutrition in Public Health Study day and its FREEEEEE!!!! They have a great session on weight management in pregnancy in the afternoon.

    Great for prospective students (ace for learning, PS and interviews) and super great for current students and midwives as its CPD accredited! Whoop!

    Venue: ORT House Conference Centre, London on the 24th October.

    To register your FREE place at this event, please email the lovely [email protected] and she’ll book your place. Don't forget to tell her you are from SMNET (and say hello cos she is luuuvvlleey!). Places are limited so make sure you book soon!

    Below is the programme for this CPD accredited training day:


    9.30am Registration and refreshments

    10.00am Chair’s welcome and introduction
    Andrew Chilvers, Editorial Director, Journal of Family Health Care (JFHC)

    10.05am Nutrition in Public Health
    · What are we eating?
    · How do know what we are eating?
    · What policy issues will drive us in the right direction?

    Using data from nutritional surveys this session will explore how children’s diets have changed and the way food is marketed to children before addressing legislations and food labelling on food for children and families, concluding with a discussion of Government policies that are influencing change
    Alison Nelson, Public Health Nutrition, AMN Associates

    10.45am The Vitamin D debate
    · Risk factors
    · Diagnosis
    · Treatment and prevention

    11.25am Morning break

    11.45am Eating disorders in children and young people
    · Recognising eating disorders
    · Specialist assessment
    · Working with paediatricians: Differential diagnosis and management of physical risks
    · Working with CAMHS
    · Working with the family and with the young person
    · The impact of maternal eating disorders

    Helping young people with eating disorders is often challenging not just for parents but also for professionals. Joint working between different organisations and a collaborative approach with the young person and their family is essential.
    Dr Agnes Ayton, MD, MMedSc, FRCPsych. MSv, Consultant psychiatrist

    12.25pm Lunch

    1.15pm Starting well: parallel workshops

    Workshop 1: Managing weight in pregnancy
    · Overview of Policy and guidance
    · Prevalence
    · Implications in pregnancy
    · Management of weight during pregnancy – opportunities and barriers
    Karen Jewell, Consultant Midwife, University Hospital of Wales

    Workshop 2: Nutrition in schools and early years
    An overview of the school food standards and the voluntary food and drink guidelines for early years.
    Discussion of how these healthy eating messages can be shared and reinforced with families.
    Jo Nicholas, Research and Nutrition Senior Manager, Children’s Food Trust

    2.15pm Afternoon break

    2.30pm Panel discussion
    Includes workshop feedback and facilitated debate with a panel of the day’s presenters.

    Chair: Andrew Chilvers, Editorial Director, JFHC

    3.10pm Chair’s closing remarks

    3.15pm Conference close
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Discussion in 'SMNET Announcements' started by _Josie, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. hopefulmidwife86
    awww id love to go on this but its just too far :( anyone who goes will have to let me know how it is! x
    _Josie likes this.
  2. Koalagrrry
    Ocht!! London, no chance on a bursary,heheh! I soooooo wish I could attend the vit D debate- not even a consultant could advise me about supplements through the winter in pregnancy!
    This looks ace.....
    _Josie likes this.
  3. BluePixie
    Josie you star!
    _Josie likes this.
  4. _Josie
    Im trying to clear my diary so I can go it looks awesome :)
    Koalagrrry likes this.
  5. Raach
    Hey, I'd like to attend but I was wondering if you have to go from the very beginning as I have college on that day :confused:
  6. Goodthingshappen
    This sounds really interesting. Especially from the perpective of the workshop looking into managing weight in pregnacy.

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