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Burning the umbilical cord - now with pictures!

Discussion in 'General Midwifery Discussions' started by _Josie, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. _Josie

    _Josie Guest

    My friend gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl last night and her and her husband and midwife chose to burn the umbilical cord to seperate them instead of cutting. I understand its a spiritual thing, fire air earth and water.

    Has anyone else heard of this method of seperation? Ive never heard of it but am thinking I expect our ancients used this method and I understand enough of wicca to get the whole earth fire water air elemental thing..... Im off to find out more, I dont want to hassle her with questions yet bless her! Google here I come.... Fascinating.
  2. Midwifemissy

    Midwifemissy Guest

    Re: Burning the umbilical cord

    I haven't heard about burning the umblical cord, but I have heard of some cultures burying it, and also some people cooking and eating it, not something I ever fancied I have to say.
  3. _Josie

    _Josie Guest

    Re: Burning the umbilical cord

    LOL MM! I think its in the realms of lotus birth, gentle birth etc and I cant seem to find much on it at all.... Ive read accounts of people trying it and not being successful and grabbing the cord scissors in defeat..... but it fascinates me. I was discussing it with Rob earlier and he said he'd pass out with 'the pong' as he put it! .....
  4. Midwifemissy

    Midwifemissy Guest

    Re: Burning the umbilical cord

    I agree with Rob, I think I would pass out too, just the thought of it is enough lol.

    I find childbirth customs from other cultures fascinating, and would like to do more research on it one day....when I have more time :grad:
  5. ollybolly

    ollybolly General Staff (Manager)

    Nov 5, 2007
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    Not Specified
    Re: Burning the umbilical cord

    cant imagine it would burn very easily, maybe dousing it with lighter fluid first might help! :wacko:
    maybe not such a good idea after all.
    If you find anything else Josie, let us know, am fascinated now
  6. Jem

    Jem Guest

    Re: Burning the umbilical cord

    I have been in contact with a midwife who supports lotus births!
    This is when they do not cut the cord at all!! they keep the baby connected to the placenta until it dies and drops off itself, it usually takes around a week and people put it in a cloth nappy type thing. I found it a bit odd, not because i was judging, id just never heard of it!!
    what do you guys think??
  7. Dory

    Dory fat bottomed girl
    Plus! Member

    Nov 5, 2007
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    Re: Burning the umbilical cord


    Was this in hospital or at home? Am sitting at work chatting about it - we reckon it would set the sprinklers off!
  8. _Josie

    _Josie Guest

    Re: Burning the umbilical cord

    It was at home D and they used what looks like a camphor and beeswax candle. She has photos, I will ask her permission to post them on here. I cant find a thing on the net thats any good tbh....

    Have read alot about lotus birth over the years Jem, and it seems along the same lines to me. But this is a new one on me....
  9. _Josie

    _Josie Guest

    Re: Burning the umbilical cord

    Aha! I have news, my lovely friend has given me this account of the cord burning...."As for the procedure i will quote my husband because i was completely passed out for most of it :) ... what you want to do is get a tapered beeswax candle and snap it into two pieces. light them both and start to burn cord from both sides. It might 'pop' at you, but its okay. It helps to cauterize the wound and also is, in my opinion, more natural than snipping it"

    She also gave us some links to her midwife's site, she says it was her midwife who informed them about the cord burning.



    Please see the photos in the Pregnancy and Birth Diary


    ..... fascinating! She has also given me permission to show her birth pictures and bump diary pictures... so take a look! She's the official SMNET Mom!!!
    #9 _Josie, Mar 12, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 1, 2015
  10. Canu Gess

    Canu Gess Guest

    That must smell absolutely foul!

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