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  1. Roojj
    University of Hull 2017
  2. totallyanonymous
    totallyanonymous Glittery89
    Hey I am a first year dyspraxic student midwife. I was wondering if you could talk to me how you overcame some of the challenges such as venepuncture, manual bps etc? It would be a big Big big help!!
  3. edinburghstudent
    I applied to study midwifery this year and got rejected, absolutely gutted. Any advice on what to do next or how to approach trying again?
  4. MicaAllingham98
    Hiya can anyone tell me what i will need to buy for starting my first year? Stethescope etc.? Thanks!
  5. Nettle91
    Coventry Uni 2017 :) <3 x
  6. JamBro
  7. MollyFrost205
    2nd year student midwife
  8. Mais98
    "Stay focused and extra sparkly"
  9. Goober
    Back... AGAIN!
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  10. Midwife96x
    University of Bedfordshire 2017 :D