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Personal Statement - Reviews

Receive 1-2-1 Midwifery and Nursing Personal Statement support from one of our Personal Statement Consultants. Expert guidance and support is provided to help you create your perfect personal statement. This service has an excellent track record of success - with testimonials to prove it!

    • Quick Fix

    • £27.99

      • For the confident, requiring a final review of a completed PS
      • 1-2-1 with PS Consultant
      • Fast Turnaround
      • Limited to TWO reviews
      • PS limited to 4,000 characters
    • Call (0161) 4591015
    • Nip & Tuck

    • £43.99

      • Designed for those who have already written their PS
      • 1-2-1 with PS Consultant
      • Fast Turnaround
      • Up to SEVEN Reviews
      • PS limited to 4,500 characters
    • Call (0161) 4591015
    • Premium Pack

    • £69.99

      • Ideal for those who have not started to write their PS
      • 1-2-1 with PS Consultant
      • Intense Support
      • Unlimited Reviews
      • * Consultant may impose character limits
    • Call (0161) 4591015

With our Midwifery & Nursing Personal Statement Support Packages you work with a trained SMNET PS Consultant who will support and guide you to help you create your perfect personal statement. To apply for a midwifery or nursing degree you need to write an excellent personal statement which needs to stand out clearly from the rest. When you qualify as a midwife or nurse and apply for your first job you'll need to write an outstanding supporting statement.

UCAS uses plagiarism software to detect those who have 'borrowed' from other people's Personal Statements so it is wise to ensure you seek only professional support when creating your PS to ensure you are not subject to UCAS plagiarism investigations.

We do not use standard phrases, sentences or any other pre-written material as we do not write your Personal Statement / Supporting Statement for you. Instead, we provide you with something much more worthwhile: we give you the support, guidance, knowledge, confidence and skills to create your own.

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The Personal / Supporting Statement 'Quick Fix'

If you have already written your personal or supporting statement and feel confident with it, but would like a professional, trained eye to review it then we can provide a slimmed down service with two reviews included. Turnaround time inside of 72 hours per review iteration. Please note your statement must be 4,000 characters or less for a 'quick fix' review. We offer this service at £27.99.

Call (0161) 4591015

The Personal / Supporting Statement 'Nip & Tuck'

If you have already constructed your personal or supporting statement and feel it just needs a nip and tuck we can provide up to SEVEN review iterations and turn a first draft around within 72 hours. Please note your statement must be less than 4,500 characters for a 'nip and tuck' review. We offer this service at £43.99.

Call (0161) 4591015

The Personal / Supporting Statement 'Premium Pack'

Case Review: We catch up with where you are with applying or qualifying. We discuss previous applications and interviews or if this is your first time of applying we discuss your background and motivation for studying midwifery or nursing. If you are about to qualify we talk about your training and key areas.

Content Management: Guidance with collating base information to create the foundations of an excellent PS. We will discuss your background with you and highlight examples of any transferable skills and experience that we feel can enhance your PS.

Education Support: We provide you with supporting links and direct you to educational references that we feel could fill in any gaps in your knowledge, or further enhance existing knowledge to set your PS on fire!

Structure Management: We provide you with support with structuring and styling your PS to meet UCAS standards and guidelines.

Unlimited Review Support: We offer comment, suggestions, feedback and proof reading until your perfect PS is created.

You will receive 1-2-1 support via email, and confidentiality is assured. It is important to state that we do not write your statement for you, but we offer guidance, advice and intense support. Please note your consultant may impose character limits throughout the process but will give guidance from the outset. We offer the Premium Pack support package at £69.99.

Call (0161) 4591015

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Jan 20, 2017
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