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About Us

All about SMNET and the team!

So.... who are we?

StudentMidwife.NET was born on 28th October 2007 in the middle of the night.... like so many babies! One of the founders, Josie (a student midwife at the time) felt a huge lack of professional support on the web for midwifery students, so she decided along with her then husband, Rob (an IT geek!) to create StudentMidwife.NET (SMNET for short). Our aims are simple - to offer a plethora of support in as many subject areas as possible to those who want to become a midwife, to current student midwives and to anyone interested/involved in midwifery who can benefit or requires support from the SMNET network. We are supported by dozens of volunteer staff, from wannabe student midwives, current student midwives to qualified midwives - who are all fantastic, friendly, caring, kind and clever people whose passion for midwifery is second to none.

For those who are not yet midwifery students, SMNET offers:

  • Information to help members decide if midwifery is for them.
  • Help and support during A' Levels or access to midwifery courses.
  • Guidance and advice through the University application process, personal statements and preparing for interview. This includes professional consultancy services, study and training days via the SMNET Edge service.
  • Confidence building, a shoulder to lean on and motivation should members be unsuccessful during the application process. SMNET offers encouragement, support, advice and renewed direction should members want to re-apply.

For those who are accepted onto the course, or are already studying, SMNET offers:

  • Educational resources containing videos, links, articles and much more to support our students’ learning. We also offer a bespoke search facility via our SMNET Toolbar where with only one click members can search the top 20 most relevant midwifery websites on the net.
  • Support and guidance on all matters concerning professional conduct. We support and advocate the Nursing and Midwifery Council's code and guidelines and advocate that all members conduct themselves both on and offline in line with the NMC's Guidance on Professional Conduct for Nursing and Midwifery Students.
  • Live online learning and revision via the monthly SMNET Midwifery Quiz where members can win brand new midwifery text books. The quiz is supervised by our resident Registered Midwives and is sponsored by Elsevier Health Sciences who provide the prizes.
  • An assigned student mentor once a place is secured. SMNET ensures that our members don't start university without knowing someone who is already there. We strive to put members in touch with a student who is at least part way through year one (in uni's with 2 intakes) or in year 2 or 3.
  • Support and guidance throughout the course on Midwifery Assignments, Clinical Placements, Portfolio/Skills Document/CAP, Clinical Assessments/Exams/OSCE's and more.
  • Help, advice and support is available once members qualify to help with consolidation, interviews and finding a job.

For those who are Registered Midwives, SMNET offers:

  • Opportunities to become involved, to inspire, to teach, to give back some knowledge and help in the support of students. This can be very useful for CPD purposes too!
  • Ability to conduct online research (we can facilitate many methods of information gathering).
  • A hugely receptive audience for RMs and authors who wish to write articles and deliver research - SMNET has major developments under way in this area, contact us for more info.

For everybody, SMNET offers:

  • A growing educational resources section with videos, articles, links and an extensive glossary that interlinks midwifery abbreviations and obscure terms to definitions throughout the site. This resource assists students and wannabe students to understand clinical discussions as the topic author may use midwifery jargon they are not yet familiar with …. a definition for words and abbreviations they don't understand is as simple as clicking the word.
  • Brand new midwifery textbooks (courtesy of Elsevier Health Sciences) are given away each month as prizes in our midwifery quiz (overseen by an RM).
  • Regular competitions to win free places at conferences, study days, exhibitions and other events - some CPD events too for RM's - all events donated by event organisers. If you have an idea for a competition, contact us.
  • Managing Emotions - a special area for members to come and gain support with the highs and the lows of midwifery practice.
  • An opportunity for personal development and to become involved in the operation and direction of SMNET. Many staff run projects, liaise with midwifery organisations and join in on The SMNET Edge training days and are encouraged and supported to give talks to prospective and current students.

SMNET is first and foremost an education based midwifery community. We strongly encourage and promote anonymity among members on our website to protect them on many levels. We have a strict, but fair code of conduct and will not tolerate personal attacks against any members, staff, lecturers, mentors, personal tutors, universities, trusts or other midwifery related websites and organisations. We rigorously uphold the reputation of the profession.

We are in the position to influence most midwifery students in the UK thus influencing the midwives of the future and their practice.

If you are not already registered, then why not join us now, it's free!

Who is Who?

SMNET enjoys the many collective talents dozens of volunteers who help to maintain and uphold SMNET’s operation and reputation - ensuring that SMNET remains an active, supportive, caring and educational environment. We are very proud of our devoted team which consists of moderators, senior management and of course admins!!

We consider SMNET to be just the beginning - we are old enough to look back and see where we’ve come from yet young enough to see where we are going! Join us and be part of the SMNET story. Please feel free to register and recommend us, membership is 100% free so register now if you haven't already! If you have any questions about SMNET or any of the projects we undertake then please contact us and we will be delighted to help.

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