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  • Suzanne
    Blog: Suzanne's blog. By Suzanne at 15:07.
    It's been a while since I last posted, but a lot as happened! In April I was invited to an induction day at Bolton Hospital with many other workers, volunteers and student nurses; learning about: Welcome and Housekeeping Fire, Health and Safety Safeguarding Adults Safeguarding Children NHS...
  • iram
    Blog: iram's blog. By iram at 14:14.
    does anyone knows about any teacher who does midwifery private tuitions I am a first year midwifery student and i need help with my course
  • aspiringSM
    Blog: aspiringSM's blog. By aspiringSM at 00:24.
    I got my occy health form last week but I've gone into full panic mode! You have to put your weight down which is making me extremely anxious. I am quite overweight (I am working on it) and I'm scared that this might stop me getting my place. I have a really active job so it isn't an issue in my...
  • NuggetLady
    Blog: NuggetLady's blog. By NuggetLady at 20:28.
    I've finally heard back from all the universities I was lucky enough to interview at and have been offered a place at all three! (I don't know how because I was a nervous wreck but I'm not complaining :lol:) I know for certain that I want my firm choice to be Northumbria but I'm a bit confused...
  • Apr
    Blog: Satyk26's blog. By Satyk26 at 20:33.
    So it's been a month since I received my offer and I've been on cloud nine. Now it's finally dawned on me i need to complete my occupational health forms and student finance. The occupational health form isn't a problem but student finance is a nightmare. I'm not sure how much of a maintenance...
  • Apr
    Blog: NuggetLady's blog. By NuggetLady at 20:24.
    Feel like I've been completely inactive on here lately but exam season has well and truly kicked in! I'm beginning to feel so nervous about securing my places now, my biggest fear is that after receiving an offer I'll mess it all up in my exams and will have to start all over again. I'm still...
  • Fireflyforever
    That's where I am now - I have a firm conditional offer and an unconditional insurance one so, somewhere, somehow, I am going to be doing midwifery in September! This bit feels strange - I've not really had this limbo bit before. When I went through UCAS (or UCCA as it was known back in the...
  • rebekkahallmidwife
    Can't believe how crazy these last few months have been! When I started this application process, I was unsure as to whether I would even be invited for an interview. 6 months later, and I have come out the other end having received 5/5 interviews, two of which I declined and received 3/3...
  • Mar
    Blog: RiverMere's blog. By RiverMere at 15:26.
    I can't even explain how disappointed I am in myself. Looking back I think I went in to the access course quite early, and i was quite naive with assuming I would smash the course. I've only achieved Merits so far and not a single Distinction. I'm feeling very deflated and find myself in a...
  • midwifemillie
    Blog: midwifemillie's blog. By midwifemillie at 20:01.
    Hi lovely people of SMNET... I have created a Instagram account which will be documenting my journey to becoming a midwife and I would really appreciate it if you would give me a follow as I am completely new to Instagram! Nothing is on there yet but there will be soon :) My username is...
  • Guitarrita
    Blog: Guitarrita's blog. By Guitarrita at 14:34.
    After my last experience at one of the Uni's I applied for, I felt rubbish!! But.....after mopping and very good advise from Wooden Owl, I picked myself up and did more research, practised my Maths and got in touch with the remaining Uni. Now this one is a funny one......whilst away on holiday...
  • Midwifetobe21
    Blog: Midwifetobe21's blog. By Midwifetobe21 at 00:35.
    Well. the first blog i wrote through tears, that i had no received a place first time round. Devastated wasn't the word. At that moment i thought i had done enough, an access course, volunteering, work experience etc. The dream seemed really unobtainable, and the wait for the next cycle seemed...
  • traineemum
    Blog: traineemum's blog. By traineemum at 21:10.
    So I sent my student finance off last week, apparently I had signed my declaration form 30 days before they had received it??!! I had only printed it out the week before but hey ho! At least I knew they had received it! So now it's another wait.......seriously........do these people not realise...
  • Mac88
    Blog: Mac88's blog. By Mac88 at 15:40.
    Out of the three universities that I applied to (all of the Scottish unis that offer midwifery) I managed to get interview invites for all 3, something I'm very proud of. I have now done 2 out of the 3 interviews so I am over half way through my interview cycle. When I imagined myself in this...
  • Mac88
    Blog: Mac88's blog. By Mac88 at 10:35.
    Well I had my 1st midwifery interview on Monday at RGU and I am now currently en route to my 2nd at UWS. What can I say about Monday's interview? My words to my partner as soon as I walked out were something along the lines of 'I don't think I knocked it out the park or anything but I think I...