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  • NuggetLady
    Blog: NuggetLady's blog. By NuggetLady at 17:57.
    Hi everyone :), I recently got an invite for an interview but it's a group interview, I've only ever done the new MMI structure so I'm not really sure on what to expect or how to prepare. Is it just the same sort of questions but in a group setting or is it more working with the other people...
  • islanddeserter
    So yesterday I had my kingston interview! I fell right in love with this university, its lecturers and staff so very friendly and welcoming...I knew I would like this place..and I was so happy and pleased to pass their (QUITE HARD ACTUALLY) maths test!! BUT wow the MMIs were something so alien...
  • Lifeofastudentmidwife
    It's a very surreal feeling to be able to sit here and write this because it's been such a long time coming, however the wait is finally over and as of this Monday I shall be an actual student midwife!! Originally, I had wanted to apply for a midwifery degree at 17. After deliberating for some...
  • Feb
    Hello!! My names Paige and I fell pregnant at 15 (young I know) I had my little boy at age 16 in may 2014. I stayed at school until I was 39 weeks, almost full term! I always knew it was going to be tough but I didn't expect to be 10 days overdue before he made an appearance. I was in labour for...
  • Heretomaternity
    well U from Chester, after they spoke to ex deputy manager,,, U from Manchester following interview, waiting on feedback,, Edgehill I am in with a chance slim but still it's not a U, LJMU the same,, was at Salford today ,, not hopeful, ok but not the best, On a more positive note had...
  • Feb
    Hi guys, This is my first time applying for Midwifery, and also my first blog too as i only joined about 20 mins ago:p. I was only able to apply to three unis as they were the only ones i could get to due to having a little boy. I am still at college doing health and social care. I have been...
  • cocolovett
    Blog: cocolovett's blog. By cocolovett at 07:38.
    Hi everyone! So the application run for 2017 is the first time I've applied for midwifery, and my goodness does it feel like a shark fight. Back in 2014, I went through my first university application process into a course that my parents chose for me. It was something I never wanted to do, but...
  • Feb
    So the interview I wrote about? The one with the massive storm, the big power cut, NO TEA, the 6.30am journey to the bus in the pitch black because the street lights were out? Apparently, I showed sufficient resilience to be offered a place!! I genuinely did not expect to be in this position -...
  • Rita Goncalves
    Hello everyone! I hope everybody is having a good day/night! I'm going to apply to student midwifery but I don't know which books to buy...which ones are best? Can anyone recommend me a book? Helllpp! Thank you! Talk to you soon!
  • islanddeserter
    As I write to you now, I am almost a qualified STAFF NURSE!!!!!..like I am now just this close to getting there! <> :))) I just need to finish off a reflection, hand in my timesheets and portfolio and 2 more shifts and then THAT IS IT!!!!! It hasn't really sunk in yet....I wonder when it...
  • Suzanne
    Blog: Suzanne's blog. By Suzanne at 17:07.
    Since coming out of school as 16, I have never really known what job I wanted to do. I ended up doing full-time employment working as a customer service advisor; at a mobile phone company in Bury. I loved helping the customers out as much as I could; even if they had called up for a cheeky chat,...
  • Feb
    I absolutely can't believe it. I interviewed at Northumbria last Thurday and track updated today with an offer:clap:. I am in complete shock but I'm so excited too. I may have done a happy dance:punk: (and after four term pregnancies, my pelvic floor was quite alarmed by that, I can tell you)....
  • Guitarrita
    Blog: Guitarrita's blog. By Guitarrita at 20:19.
    I arrived nice and early and with some spare time at the University. I smiled and high fived myself mentally for not breaking into a huge sweat and went inside. A check at reception and the room quickly filled up with hopeful applicants. It started to become real.....!!! After a little tour...
  • Feb
    Blog: Guitarrita's blog. By Guitarrita at 09:43.
    Tomorrow is interview day. Needless to say that I worked my way up that bad that I couldn't stop being sick yesterday. After a lengthy chat with my lovely colleagues I went for a for a run and kept myself busy other than reading up on Midwifery (sometimes you can overdo it). I think as this is...
  • Mac88
    Blog: Mac88's blog. By Mac88 at 19:08.
    I received another interview invite! :woot: UWS invited me for an interview but didn't mention anything about testing... My understanding was that UWS usually invite people they want to interview for testing first and then those that pass are offered an interview. I'm not sure if they are just...