[20 September 2017] Resilience training (Birmingham)

Start time: TBC
End Time: TBC
Venue: TBC

This is an opportunity to receive some ‘unique’, introspective and incredibly interesting training that will inspire & renew motivation! Unlike any other training you’ll find or have attended previously, you are sure to leave with new insights about yourselves and others, together with practical tools that you can use every day both at work and in your personal lives.

This training session has often been described by attendees as “Life Changing”! This is not ‘just another course’, it’s designed to really help you. It can help change the way you live and work in order to enjoy ‘everything’ more!

Look… it’s true, we all suffer with a lack of motivation sometimes. We all allow our private lives to affect our working day… and the other way around too. This lack of motivation is often hidden from managers as people tend to try to outwardly display enthusiasm but that underlying lack of motivation is still there effecting morale, performance and effectiveness. 

Caring Midwives has partnered with a respected Psychotherapist (Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Behaviourism and Neuro-Linguistic Programming), who frequently offers resilience training to NHS trusts, Hospitals and University Hospitals. This is a day open to all those interested in a caring profession, whether that be a student, newly qualified or qualified person.

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